Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fit Friday - getting back on track

The last few months I've really struggled to find the love and motivation to keep training, eating healthy and generally looking after myself. I know that I allowed myself to slip into a rut and I lost focus when I couldn't see the results I wanted.

But enough is enough! I'm getting back on track and staying there and in case you're also struggling with a bit of motivation - here's what I'm doing to change things. Maybe they could work for you? I've said before that I try to follow Lorna Jane's Move, Nourish, Believe philosophy and I'd highly encourage you to try it.

First up I've joined a new gym that specialises in functional training and it's like nothing I've ever done before. I am consistently sore from training and love that I can feel the results of my hard work. I am burning roughly the same number of calories I was doing my previous gym routine but I can tell from the muscle soreness that my body is changing and working a lot harder than it was before. I've only 2 weeks in so far, but I'll keep you updated with my progress as time goes on.

Nourish - not diet
I really don't like the word 'diet' because I feel that it has connotations of restricted and boring eating. I have never eaten poorly and much prefer fresh healthy food over the deep fried, sugary, processed crap but I am guilty of probably eating a little too much. So my goal is to try and focus on portion control and eating simpler meals because healthy meals that are also quick and easy to prepare means there are no excuses.

Veggies, lean meat and fish, eggs, fruit, good carbs (brown rice, sweet potato) and nuts and seeds are all allowed and really - that is a lot of food to choose from! I mean look at all this deliciousness. You can't argue a lack of variety or flavour - this is what humans are meant to eat!

Of course, if you've been reading this blog you know I love to socialise and eat out in Brisbane too. Rest assured I'm still going to do this - you need to have balance - of course I will strive to look for healthier menu options. I want to prove that you can still enjoy plenty of variety whilst still looking after yourself.

And as for alcohol...I can easily get by without it so it's not really an issue giving it up. I tend to drink mainly on special social occasions - weddings, parties, birthdays - and only ever have the occasional glass of wine with Dinner so i'm not too worried about it - I'll just try to watch myself a little closer.

Most people know that a balanced diet is key if you want to lose weight, feel healthier and become leaner but exercise and staying motivated are equally as important.

My whole life I have tended to focus my efforts on what I look like and not worry too much about my health or fitness but this time things are different.

Instead of being motivated by looks alone I'm focussing my energy on improving my fitness and  becoming stronger, faster and leaner.

I'm hoping this will shift my focus from my appearance to what my body is capable of. 

Wish me luck!


P.S. If you're looking for a bit more fitspiration check out my Pinterest Board here

Monday, March 11, 2013

Geordie Shore alreeeet!

To celebrate my lovely English Boyfriend's Birthday, this past weekend we had a Geordie Shore themed party.

For the uninitiated, Geordie Shore is the British version of Jersey Shore and it follows the shenanigans a group of young people living together in Newcastle. Their days consist of hitting the gym, drinking to excess, and generally behaving badly in as little clothing as possible. Whilst certainly not the classiest of  young adults the cast members are freaking hilarious and very entertaining.

So what does one wear to a Geordie Shore Party?

For the girls, it's all about short, tight, inappropriately low cut and attention grabbing outfits with skyscraper heels, eye-catching nails, big hair, big lashes and a deep bronze tan.

And what about the guys? It's low cut shirts that show off muscles or no shirt at all, immaculate grooming (these guys wax their eyebrows) and the tan is once again a key part of the look.

True to these guidelines, our friends showed up in some great costumes and everyone had a super fun-filled night.

What do you think of the photos? Don't we all look 'proper mint'...and perhaps a little 'Mortal'?

 photo IMG_2758_zpse26657fb.jpg
Some of the Girls
 photo IMG_2768_zps8019f8d0.jpg
Geordie beauty = big hair and bigger lashes!
 photo IMG_2773_zpsdbe6b7bc.jpg
 photo IMG_4949-1_zpsfd892266.jpg
The Boys gettin' mortal
 photo IMG_4696_zps9ff304a0.jpg
A Kiss for the Birthday Boy
 photo IMG_2750_zpsdf42274c.jpg
Matching nails
 photo IMG_4585_zpsfc04a3a4.jpg
Gravity defying hair
 photo IMG_2753_zps07357923.jpg
Just look at those tans!
 photo IMG_4728_zpse849d77b.jpg

 photo IMG_2761_zps97af4073.jpg
I love my friends!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A day for Women

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). It is a day to celebrate women of all shapes, ages, religions and ethnicities and you know to basically acknowledge that women everywhere are pretty darn great (the guys are too but we’re not talking about them right now ok).  
Normally I miss the whole shebang that is IWD – it flies past me and the first I hear of it is on the 6pm news, but not this year. Whilst I’m not doing anything special to mark the occasion, I am going to take some time throughout the day to think about the wonderful women in my life, both past and present.
Now it may come as a surprise to some (HA-HA not likely) but I am from a family of strong-willed, stubborn women. My great-grandmother raised a daughter on her own during the depression showing incredible tenacity for the times. My grandma worked her way up the Millinery ladder until she was earning more money than my grandad when they wed in the 1950s and my mum’s adventurous spirit led her to explore the world with a backpack in the 70s.
I am proud to have the same blood as these women and although they led or are leading what many would consider to be ordinary lives, they are perfect examples of strong, beautiful women. Women who were moulded by their environments, took risks, worked hard and who kept their heads held high.
They all deserve to be celebrated today.
So do the other women in my life – my tempestuous sister, my gorgeous and supportive friends, the ‘surrogate mums’ who’ve watched me grow up, work colleagues, acquaintances - they are all great women and many of them I love more than words could ever express and you are all amazing.
I feel that as women, we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others and not feeling like we’re good enough, we forget to listen to our friends and family and we forget to say to each other ‘you know what – you’re great'.   
Let’s say that today. Let’s use today to champion the women in our lives and to make a promise to each other to always support and help each other and to fight for what we deserve.
We are all different. We might not all be mothers or business owners or politicians or hairdressers. Many of us are judged more often on our bodies than our character and we certainly don’t all want the same thing. But we’re women and we deserve the best of this world and I don't feel that we should sit idly waiting for things to fall into our laps. We need to work for it. We must continue to push for equality and changes that improve the lives of all people - women and men, children, black, white, heterosexual, gay.  
We should not settle for anything less. 
So get up and celebrate women today, because i'm sure you've got a few ladies in your life that deserve ot be told just how darn amazing they are!
Happy Friday and here's to some of the amazing women in my life - xoxo Kirst
Shocking behaviour. photo 181646_10150099696752921_66637_n.jpg
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 photo 488089_10151089177877921_536761262_n.jpg
Missing this particular partner in crime (one of the many) photo 386846_10151030649757921_939571123_n.jpg
 photo 2136_62728472920_3721_n.jpg
Cathy and I looking hawt! Who says Jessica Rabbit is the hottest cartoon!?! photo 198_21496047920_9894_n.jpgLove this stunner photo 197017_10151221558697921_1675553813_n.jpg
 photo IMG_2638_zps3f9ee97b.jpg
 photo 2136_62727932920_3393_n.jpgBFFs! photo 484544_10151007562572921_743329180_n.jpg Spitalfield Markets photo 4462_96394132920_5871607_n.jpg Cocktail jugs at Harmony = delicious road to danger photo 5153_104052462920_7547487_n.jpg Birthday Girls! photo 423160_10150567617492921_1960161160_n.jpg  photo 524653_10151221556742921_681007962_n.jpg  photo 296821_10150364786147921_1987346062_n.jpg
  Anzac Cove photo 6200_135109417920_56993_n.jpg Look at our pretty dresses photo 291_28752592920_3242_n.jpg Ladies night...kind of photo 316273_10150392270087921_1072272930_n.jpg

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vote for ME!

A lovely friend of mine just informed me that I've made the Top 10 in The Urban List's Best Brisbane itineraries! GO me! This was something I did a while ago and I then forgot about it so it was a huge surprise when her email popped into my inbox this morning.

If you've got a chance please PLEASE, vote for my itinerary as the best and you could score yourself a $200 voucher to River Bar and Kitchen.

Look at how Ahhhhmazing it is! You want that voucher don't you? Get voting here and here's to good luck  for both of us in the competition :)

 photo 1ef8b627b6bbff1c1bf1285dd67f1656ebd66009jpgpagespeedce-5NsQ2ftxs_zpsfa185d5e.jpg
 photo xed2c94b7efd692faa0821a2f31f8ebdda9c2f700jpgpagespeedicQ5-i2MiP8m_zpsfa557593.jpg
 photo xc028fe6cda96520c01bb897233ccbbc9f6530297jpgpagespeedicBx9Ty-3KJo_zpsea8d63bb.jpg

 photo 6d3046c8e931d35f72424a1f2cc5b2a0fb872eb8jpgpagespeedceMtRGzLHC1d_zpsaeadb62c.jpg
 photo xeae6891d6bba3adf35626033138abe7600ceb3ddjpgpagespeediclGxd6V0MGs_zpse7a13773.jpg

 photo d1029599daa161d7ff4132aa995525e48db445e3jpgpagespeedce-1ad0qU4GV_zps908bc9a8.jpg
All photos courtesy of Riverbar and Kitchen

Saturday, March 2, 2013

In search of a good brew

Since Archive Beer Boutique opened its doors a couple of years ago, the Brisbane "beer scene" has really come into its own.

No longer is a Corona with lime considered the beer of choice and although I'm still quite impartial to that light mexican flavour, it makes me ridiculously happy that there is more choice in both beer and in bars around Brisbane these days.

I'm going to warn you here, I'm no beer aficionado but I do like to enjoy a glass or two of golden goodness in the company of friends on occasion, and so I was a teeny bit excited when I finally crossed another two places off my 'Resolu-fun list on Friday night.

 photo DSC_0331_zps388f17bb.jpg
Beers at Tippler's Tap - Image from Brisbane Devoured
First up was Tippler's Tap in Newstead. I just knew I would love this place after receiving a cheeky, comical response from the Owner/Manager when I enquired about bringing a Birthday cake for the boyfriend (in case you're wondering they don't charge cakeage).

Tippler's looks like nothing from the street, but when you walkthrough those doors you're immediately transported to The Rockies. Decorated like an American log cabin and offering up traditional favourites like chicken wings, pork sliders and onion rings the food at Tippler's Tap is reasonably priced and extremely tasty. We also had the Corn on the Cob and Ploughman's Lunch both were top notch. The only real negative observation was the lack of Gluten free options available which made it difficult for some members of our party.
 photo DSC_0342_zpsabf6fcb6.jpg
Onion Rings at Tippler's Tap - Image from Brisbane Devoured
The beer at Tippler's Tap is of course the standout selling point. There is sooooo much to choose from! The staff are super friendly and very knowledgeable in relation to the huge range of local and imported beer on offer and our group certainly did our best to order a plethora of different beers over the few hours we were there. We'll definitely be returning to sample some more Stone and Wood on tap in the near future.

Just a short walk from Tippler's Tap is the recently opened Green Beacon Brewing Co. We headed here for a few beers and a change of scenery and a change it was. The beer was great and set up of long bench style tables in the brewhouse was cool but after the cosiness of Tippler's Tap, Green Beacon seemed a little bit...clinical. The staff were equally friendly and knowledgeable about the beers on offer but the atmosphere didn't win me over 100%. Still the brews could not be faulted and in my opinion you should give Green Beacon a go and support a great local business.

 photo timthumbphp_zpsbf0d10ed.jpeg
Green Beacon Brewing Co - Image from The Weekend Edition
 photo 239112abe3b37da4ace8a2ae87b45bc7_zpsd7fb5502.jpg
Green Beacon Brewing Co - Image from ArchitectureAU
Next up in the great Brisbane Beer Adventure? Scratch Bar and Bitter Suite...stay tuned

P.S. I was a bad blogger and didn't take any photographs on Friday night so please forgive me and note my acknowledgments.

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