Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fit Friday - getting back on track

The last few months I've really struggled to find the love and motivation to keep training, eating healthy and generally looking after myself. I know that I allowed myself to slip into a rut and I lost focus when I couldn't see the results I wanted.

But enough is enough! I'm getting back on track and staying there and in case you're also struggling with a bit of motivation - here's what I'm doing to change things. Maybe they could work for you? I've said before that I try to follow Lorna Jane's Move, Nourish, Believe philosophy and I'd highly encourage you to try it.

First up I've joined a new gym that specialises in functional training and it's like nothing I've ever done before. I am consistently sore from training and love that I can feel the results of my hard work. I am burning roughly the same number of calories I was doing my previous gym routine but I can tell from the muscle soreness that my body is changing and working a lot harder than it was before. I've only 2 weeks in so far, but I'll keep you updated with my progress as time goes on.

Nourish - not diet
I really don't like the word 'diet' because I feel that it has connotations of restricted and boring eating. I have never eaten poorly and much prefer fresh healthy food over the deep fried, sugary, processed crap but I am guilty of probably eating a little too much. So my goal is to try and focus on portion control and eating simpler meals because healthy meals that are also quick and easy to prepare means there are no excuses.

Veggies, lean meat and fish, eggs, fruit, good carbs (brown rice, sweet potato) and nuts and seeds are all allowed and really - that is a lot of food to choose from! I mean look at all this deliciousness. You can't argue a lack of variety or flavour - this is what humans are meant to eat!

Of course, if you've been reading this blog you know I love to socialise and eat out in Brisbane too. Rest assured I'm still going to do this - you need to have balance - of course I will strive to look for healthier menu options. I want to prove that you can still enjoy plenty of variety whilst still looking after yourself.

And as for alcohol...I can easily get by without it so it's not really an issue giving it up. I tend to drink mainly on special social occasions - weddings, parties, birthdays - and only ever have the occasional glass of wine with Dinner so i'm not too worried about it - I'll just try to watch myself a little closer.

Most people know that a balanced diet is key if you want to lose weight, feel healthier and become leaner but exercise and staying motivated are equally as important.

My whole life I have tended to focus my efforts on what I look like and not worry too much about my health or fitness but this time things are different.

Instead of being motivated by looks alone I'm focussing my energy on improving my fitness and  becoming stronger, faster and leaner.

I'm hoping this will shift my focus from my appearance to what my body is capable of. 

Wish me luck!


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  1. I can't think of a higher compliment than that reading this post I clicked through to the gym you've signed up to and I seriously considered signing up! Never felt that way before! So tempted by all the fit people around me. Also - when are you going to write a post about your green smoothies? A week in green smoothie recipes and photos?

  2. It's in the works! I just need to somehow manage to take some good pictures - not easy for me!

  3. I tried my first green smoothie the other day and enjoyed it. I will keep having to live through your fitness levels girls but one thing you can count on is that I'll be wanting to shift that post weight bad after mid July :p.