Friday, February 22, 2013

Fit Fashion...for Friday

I am OBSESSED with these tights that I just bought (after months of lusting after them) from Lorna Jane

Source: Uploaded by user via Kirst on Pinterest

It’s hard to believe it but the weather in Brisbane is getting cooler and the sun is starting to take that little bit longer to rise in the mornings …is autumn really on its way? 

Thanks to the change of seasons, I’m already starting to find it difficult to extract myself from the warmth of my happy place (it’s so comfy under the doona), and to get up and get moving.

Pinterest and Instagram constantly remind me that a ‘summer body is earned in winter’ and all that jazz about the importance of squats but when my alarm goes off at 5am and it’s cold and raining I sometimes just do not feel ready to jump our of bed and work out.

So what can I do to get me through this? To give me that little extra push to keep working towards my goals?

The answer my friends is fashion.

Now, I'll warn you, I am a pretty loyal devotee to Lorna Jane’s ‘Move, Nourish, Believe’ philosophy, I am that girl in the gym who has a different inspiration singlet each day and such an unhealthy attachment to her 'Amy tights' that I felt guilty when my boyfriend bought me a pair of these super cute and comfy leggings with neon pink details from Lululemon for my birthday (it still feels like cheating when I wear them). To me, workout clothes - or rather, looking good and feeling comfy when I work out - are a key element of keeping me motivated and on track and if that isn't enough, thinking of how much better my regular clothes will look and feel is a great reminder to roll out of bed and lace up those Nikes.

Speaking of Nikes have you got a pair of Free runs yet? They are so comfortable and super cute...just look at this pair:

Perfect to wear with this LJ top:

And for those brave enough you could try these tights as well...although I'm not too sure Lime green would be the most flattering on me :-/

Are you looking for more fitspiration to get active?

What about this?

And if you're in Brisbane and looking for something to kickstart your weekend - why not try the FREE LORNA JANE YOGA CLASS this weekend at the Judith Wright excuses girls!

Until next time xoxo


  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post, i was looking for something like this for my daughter, she require it for yoga classes.

    1. No problems Alyssa! You could also look at New Balance as thye have realyl affordable cute workout wear too!