Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The walk of shame...or is it?

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A good friend of mine blogs over at Style from the Suburban Intellect and I recently re-discovered an old blog of hers on the ‘Walk of Shame’.   In it she writes about the fact that this so-called ‘shameful’ journey home is really nothing of the sort and I tend to agree.

Young or old, there is something to be said for staying up all night with a lover or a friend and welcoming the day in a little smudged mascara and your party clothes (or what remains of them). Ok perhaps at times it can be a little embarrassing, but it can also be a lot of fun and it sure as hell makes  for some entertaining stories of your youth. 

I myself have a few stories – as I’m sure most people do - and in the spirit of sharing and having a laugh you can read them below – feel free to share your own as well!
  1. Walking home in a borrowed t-shirt after a night out in Prague where I ended up in a different bed, in a different hostel, in a different part of the city to where I was actually staying…
  2. Jumping the Metro barriers in Barcelona and falling asleep on the shoulder of one of my  best friends on the 6:00am train back to our hostel.
  3. After  one of the best dates in my whole life with a boy in Berlin - we explored the city together all night;  eating dinner in Kreuzberg, drinking cocktails in Mitte, wandering Alexander Platz and dancing at underground warehouse clubs in East Berlin before retiring to his apartment. Unfortunately for me the closest U-bahn line to him wasn’t working the next morning and I had to wander the streets without a phone or map until I eventually managed to hail a cab.
  4. Stumbling my way through a crowded German campsite trying not to trip over tent pegs and faceplant after bumping into the person from number 1 at Oktoberfest, losing  my camera on a ride, and almost leaving my German hat as a souvenir (I commandeered it back though don’t you worry).
  5. While staying with my girlfriend in London, we caught the final night bus/s home from Shoreditch to Brixton, went to McDonalds and ate it together as the some came up…one of my favourite memories to be honest!
I don’t feel ashamed of any of these moments in my life – I just feel happy when I think of them (and of the other stories which won’t’ ever be shared in the public forum).

They remind me of fun moments in time and of the great people I have shared them with. Sure they may not be as romantic or as watching the sun rise over the beach with the love of my life but that doesn’t make them disgraceful or humiliating – it just makes them different.

So what about you, do you have any ‘walk of shame’ stories? Do you think it's possible to look as chic as these ladies when actually faced with making it home after an night out?

Tell me your thoughts…it’s only fair now you know some of my secrets!
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Images courtesy of Pinterest and cosmopolitan Magazine.

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  1. Well, we all know I've already shared mine! But a fab, slightly intriguing blog post. Number 3 in particular warrants a story.