Thursday, April 4, 2013

Friday’s Fashion bite: H&M Conscious Exclusive

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After what seems like an eternity since Michelle Williams and Helen Hunt donned H&M frocks during the red carpet season, fashion (and earth) lovers everywhere can now get their mitts on the latest Conscious Exclusive collection from H&M.

The range boasts a number of glamorous and romantic party pieces all made from sustainable materials including organic cotton, tencel and recycled polyester.

Sustainable and on trend? H&M you had me at hello.

The Conscious Exclusive collection is simple, elegant, whimsical and looks to be surprisingly wearable thanks to the tailoring and overall design. Overall, it has left me once again wondering– why do I live in Australia where there is no H&M?!!

If you are lucky enough to live in the UK, I’d high tale it to your closest H&M because I’ve no doubt that this collection will sell out pretty quickly.

My favourite pieces are the asymmetrical black dress, the red dress with roses and the embroided dress. I also adore the ultra-feminine three piece suit!

What’s your pick?? Do you think you’ll pick up anything in store?

I’d love to hear from you!  

Have a great weekend everyone Xx Kirst

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  1. Ok, first up, I LOVE THIS! I miss H&M! Though I suspect you would have had to camp out in front of a store for many hours to get your hands on this one. Though maybe we get more excited about H&M over here because we don't have it.

    Secondly, I just clicked on this link to see the collection and the first image of the Tulle dress has a little 'Sold out' sign under it. In fact, it seems almost all of it is. Love the Fringed dress (not sold out).

    1. I can not believe they are pretty much all sold out already!! It must be a record!! Preparing myself for the blogosphere to explode with H&M pieces for the next few weeks.

      Let's move to Europe??