Monday, March 11, 2013

Geordie Shore alreeeet!

To celebrate my lovely English Boyfriend's Birthday, this past weekend we had a Geordie Shore themed party.

For the uninitiated, Geordie Shore is the British version of Jersey Shore and it follows the shenanigans a group of young people living together in Newcastle. Their days consist of hitting the gym, drinking to excess, and generally behaving badly in as little clothing as possible. Whilst certainly not the classiest of  young adults the cast members are freaking hilarious and very entertaining.

So what does one wear to a Geordie Shore Party?

For the girls, it's all about short, tight, inappropriately low cut and attention grabbing outfits with skyscraper heels, eye-catching nails, big hair, big lashes and a deep bronze tan.

And what about the guys? It's low cut shirts that show off muscles or no shirt at all, immaculate grooming (these guys wax their eyebrows) and the tan is once again a key part of the look.

True to these guidelines, our friends showed up in some great costumes and everyone had a super fun-filled night.

What do you think of the photos? Don't we all look 'proper mint'...and perhaps a little 'Mortal'?

 photo IMG_2758_zpse26657fb.jpg
Some of the Girls
 photo IMG_2768_zps8019f8d0.jpg
Geordie beauty = big hair and bigger lashes!
 photo IMG_2773_zpsdbe6b7bc.jpg
 photo IMG_4949-1_zpsfd892266.jpg
The Boys gettin' mortal
 photo IMG_4696_zps9ff304a0.jpg
A Kiss for the Birthday Boy
 photo IMG_2750_zpsdf42274c.jpg
Matching nails
 photo IMG_4585_zpsfc04a3a4.jpg
Gravity defying hair
 photo IMG_2753_zps07357923.jpg
Just look at those tans!
 photo IMG_4728_zpse849d77b.jpg

 photo IMG_2761_zps97af4073.jpg
I love my friends!


  1. It was such a classy night. Though I got told I should dress like that more often. Not sure I shall be pursuing such suggestions.

  2. nice outfits !!!