Thursday, March 7, 2013

A day for Women

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). It is a day to celebrate women of all shapes, ages, religions and ethnicities and you know to basically acknowledge that women everywhere are pretty darn great (the guys are too but we’re not talking about them right now ok).  
Normally I miss the whole shebang that is IWD – it flies past me and the first I hear of it is on the 6pm news, but not this year. Whilst I’m not doing anything special to mark the occasion, I am going to take some time throughout the day to think about the wonderful women in my life, both past and present.
Now it may come as a surprise to some (HA-HA not likely) but I am from a family of strong-willed, stubborn women. My great-grandmother raised a daughter on her own during the depression showing incredible tenacity for the times. My grandma worked her way up the Millinery ladder until she was earning more money than my grandad when they wed in the 1950s and my mum’s adventurous spirit led her to explore the world with a backpack in the 70s.
I am proud to have the same blood as these women and although they led or are leading what many would consider to be ordinary lives, they are perfect examples of strong, beautiful women. Women who were moulded by their environments, took risks, worked hard and who kept their heads held high.
They all deserve to be celebrated today.
So do the other women in my life – my tempestuous sister, my gorgeous and supportive friends, the ‘surrogate mums’ who’ve watched me grow up, work colleagues, acquaintances - they are all great women and many of them I love more than words could ever express and you are all amazing.
I feel that as women, we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others and not feeling like we’re good enough, we forget to listen to our friends and family and we forget to say to each other ‘you know what – you’re great'.   
Let’s say that today. Let’s use today to champion the women in our lives and to make a promise to each other to always support and help each other and to fight for what we deserve.
We are all different. We might not all be mothers or business owners or politicians or hairdressers. Many of us are judged more often on our bodies than our character and we certainly don’t all want the same thing. But we’re women and we deserve the best of this world and I don't feel that we should sit idly waiting for things to fall into our laps. We need to work for it. We must continue to push for equality and changes that improve the lives of all people - women and men, children, black, white, heterosexual, gay.  
We should not settle for anything less. 
So get up and celebrate women today, because i'm sure you've got a few ladies in your life that deserve ot be told just how darn amazing they are!
Happy Friday and here's to some of the amazing women in my life - xoxo Kirst
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