Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A-dressing a dilemma: What to take on a tropical holiday…

On Thursday I’m heading to Cairns for 5 days for a (hopefully) relaxing and fun-filled getaway. I’ve been warned there is in fact a cyclone approaching north Queensland but I think we’ll be pretty far away from that so I’m going to ignore it and focus my attention on prepping and packing for the trip.

Now I wouldn’t really say that packing for a tropical holiday is a “dilemma” but it is certainly no fun when trying to cram everything into a small carry-on bag so let’s try to keep things simple.

So what to pack?

First up, let’s talk cosmetics.

My holiday beauty essentials include a natural looking tan (I favour St Tropez), a pop of pink or coral lippie, and braids or beachy waves courtesy of my GHD. I am also big on anti-aging and sun protection so my Neutrogena and Cancer Council approved oil-free sunscreens are the first things to go in my bag alongside the boring stuff like deodorant and toothpaste. I generally try to keep my make-up pretty simple when the humidity is high to prevent ‘face-slip’ but you definitely won’t catch me completely bare-faced. BB creams and gel liner are a girl’s best friend. Bright nails are also a must – I’m loving the Gorman and Kit cosmetics nail sticker collaboration.

So your hair and make-up are sorted but what the hell do you pack when your day might consist of hiking through a rainforest, lazing in the sun and drinking cocktails in the nearest backpacker bar? You need options people!

1. Number 1, don’t forget to pack your togs (bathers/swimmers whatever you want to call them) and a kaftan or beach cover-up. These will save you getting your clothes wet when you decide to jump out of the water and pop to the shops for a drink…and they can look quite glam really.


Casual cool – a pair of shorts and a few cute singlets or shirts might be a bit boring but they really are the best thing to wear for most physical activities. Think about it. Do you really want to bungy jump wearing a maxidress?


3. Speaking of maxi-dresses and skirts – if you’ve got one – pack it too! Slip it on to go for dinner or a casual stroll to the night markets before you bring out your real show stopper…

4. The party outfit (or two). I’d be willing to bet that for a lot of people drinking, eating out and late nights are a bit more prevalent when on holidays. So why not have fun with your wardrobe and slip on that dress you’re just a bit too shy to bust out at home. It might be a little shorter or sexier than you normally feel comfortable with but with that tan and your carefree holiday attitude you really can’t go wrong.

Accessories. Normally when I travel I try to keep bags to a minimal relying on a satchel for day and a clutch for going out. When it comes to jewellery I like to stack my bracelets, stick a few extra rings on and wear some of my over-the-top earrings if I think I can get away with it. Don't forget to take a hat and your sunnies and remember Fashion is fun and it’s great to experiment and step out of your comfort zone while on holidays because hey, even if you do end up looking like a crazy lady, odds are that no one at home will ever know!

And on that note I’m off to pack…next time you see me I’ll be back much more relaxed, sporting a real-ish tan and a smile.

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