Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A-dressing a dilemma – How do I layer?

In the midst of the increasingly unpredictable weather, Australia has finally welcomed autumn - better late than never as in all honestly I’m tired of having to decide if I should slather on some St Tropez and don a dress or if it really is time to invest in some new tights and a knitted jumper.

Traditionally, the season where many of us don a uniform of opaque tights, ankle boots and a slash of wine coloured lippy, Autumn generally calls for layering.

But what do you do if you simply don’t know how to layer? Or if your wardrobe full of bright, floral summer dresses just doesn’t work with the darker, moodier looks we are told we should be wearing?

This is the dilemma I have almost every single year. Despite spending hours pinning potential outfit inspiration on Pinterest I still have little idea how to put together an autumn/winter look without being mistaken for a Hobo or a *ahem* slightly larger version of myself.  

But after a bit of research (ok so I read this old post on Man Repeller and this post by Nikki at Styling You) I’m ready to give it a go and it couldn’t be more accurately timed as I’m heading to Melbourne for a long weekend!

So where to begin?

Step 1: Pull on your favourite pair of jeans or a long maxi skirt if that’s your thing and pair it with a body-hugging singlet or soft tee. Alternatively you could go with a dress and a cute pair of tights.

Step 2: Add you second layer – perhaps a long sleeved shirt or a button blouse. You can even add two if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

Step 3: A wool cardigan or jumper will keep you ultra cosy and there are loads of cute ones around this season…I love this one from Topshop.

Step 4: Grab a jacket, a blazer, or if it’s really cold – dust off that winter coats and pop it on.

Step 5: Accessorise! Pop on some boots (I just bought this pair of ankle boots online and cannot wait to take them for a spin) and complete your look with a scarf, a beanie or hat if you desire – heck even gloves and a pair of earmuffs if you need. Don’t’ forget your jewellery either as you’ll no doubt have to peel off some of those layers later on.

A great use of colour!
It sounds very easy when you list it out but pulling off layers really is a bit trickier than it seems. A few tips I’ve picked up include sticking to garments that are similarly coloured so you avoid looking like a unicorn threw up on you and of course avoiding bulky or heavy fabrics. Also, if you’re wearing a dress make sure to belt it the hell up and show off that waist of yours!

Hopefully these tips will give you something to think about as it gets a little cooler down under…and if you have any other tips please feel free to let me know.

Xx Kirst
Disclaimer: I first developed the "A-dressing a Dilemma’ series for my previous blog and really enjoyed writing it. This is its debut on Adventures in Colour so I hope you enjoy it! All image sources can be found via my Pinterest account. 

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