Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Colourful Wedding Adventures

In keeping with the name of this blog, I thought it only apt for this blog post to include my recent 'adventure in colour' in the most literal sense.

My foray into wedding planning has been challenging. Even with such an intimate gathering for those family members closest (we decided to invite immediate family only - much to the dismay of my blogging partner), it turns out the steps to get to 'i do' are the same as if the invite list was long enough to fill a mini football field.

Upon much deliberation and angst (well as much as you could have with choosing a colour scheme), MOC (the fiance) and I finally settled on a palette inspired by some of the fantastic creations of the crew at Dinosaur Designs. Long time lover of these guys!!

Images courtesy of Dinosaur Designs

Perfect I thought, on to choosing the dress. Could definitely dedicate a whole post to that epic experience. Followed by... the dress for my sister - the maid of honour, followed by my sweet niece and flowergirl (miss five year old going on 15 who loves accessorising with handbags, scarves, sunnies and the latest nail polish - who knew at that age?! I certainly wasn't that fashion forward at that time of my life).

Low and behold it's not that easy to find matching outfits on a budget, let alone ones that actually fit the colour scheme we'd chosen. All the trendy brights out this season are fluorescent. Not really appropriate for the upcoming nuptials.

Having recently seen colleagues' photos of family member's weddings I realised this definitely wasn't a road I wanted to go down. The daffy duck printed sleeves of the groomsmen and puffy taffeta bridesmaids dresses were awe inspiring - in the worst kind of way. Think the opposite of classic and sophisticated and you had it there in a couple of pics.

After the initial shock of the 80's wedding photos and the current selection of colours we could find, we've changed tact on the original colour intent and ended up with something much more subdued (and hopefully a scheme that we won't look back on and hide our photos at the back of the linen cupboard).

New inspiration for wedding colour scheme
Emma Waterfall dress by Forever New
Stay tuned for the results of such endeavours after the big day... less than five weeks and counting!

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  1. Despite her age your sister is going to look super cute in that dress :)