Monday, February 4, 2013


First house. First brand new car. First wedding (and last - hopefully). First blog post... Ever.

It certainly has been a time for firsts.

For starters, I need to begin by apologising to my fellow blogger and dear friend Kirst as I have been tardy in getting my first post up and running. But, there is good reason for this!

All this property searching and purchasing business is very time consuming, not to mention emotionally exhausting. Then add to that finalising the planning of a wedding! Is it wrong for a girl to feel a bit overwhelmed?  The good news however, is that I now have the perfect focus for my upcoming posts, as I begin to explore all the fabulous furnishing and decorative possibilities for the new abode.

Not wanting to jump the gun, (as our contract is yet to go unconditional on the property front) so this will mean that there will be a good 14 days of research before commencing the posts dedicated to this. Very much looking forward to sharing an assortment of styling ideas.

Here are a few little tidbits to pique the excitement:

Courtesy of Ici et La
Courtesy of Jardan Australia

Courtesy of Jardan Australia

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