Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fashion Friday - fresh summer threads

Does anyone else become obsessed with aztec prints and maxi skirts when summer rolls around or is it just me?

With so many options popping up in store this season I've been nurturing my inner hippie in both comfort and style, rocking beachy blonde waves, patterned maxi's and friendship bracelets. Want to join me - check out some of these beauties available now from Dissh and Mr Zimi.

 photo bf86933d646b786111281e311c31845a_zps863f7baa.jpg
Shorts from Dissh
 photo e6fbc7536ca5dde62a9dfe1b463a0df4_zps9aadbfa3.jpg
Mr Zimi's summer collection
 photo b7666839f57faff68ac81d92b1d0fa03_zps0e2a6dfe.jpg
Skirt from Dissh
 photo aabc1144f4d14c60a468ad5bca2b8d58_zpsc0687abb.jpg
Shorts from Dissh

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