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On this last day of January, I am beginning to wonder how all those New Year’s resolutions so passionately declared a month ago are coming along.

Have you quit the Kardashians and started training for that Marathon yet? Perhaps you gave up sugar or promised to floss your teeth more.

If you’re doing well and sticking to your resolve I offer you my warmest congratulations…go you! But, if you’ve crept quietly back onto the couch with a tub of Haagen-Das and a sheepish grin I’ve got a proposition for you.

Why not make a new resolution. A fun one. We’ll call it a ‘Resolu-fun’. I guarantee it will be easy to keep because I did this on good old December 31st and you know what? I’ve kept it going for a whole month now.

Wow! I can hear you exclaim (Ok more like ‘Meh who cares’) but still I bet you’re curious as to what this crazy resolu-fun is. Am I right?
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Image courtesy of Kettle and Tin
Ok here it is: My 2013 Resolu-fun is to visit/try 50 places I haven’t been to in Brisbane this year.

That’s a new Bar, Club, Restaurant or Café almost every week. Ok so it’s not the cheapest of ideas but it’s certainly a lot of fun! This decision was spurred by the sheer number of new joints popping up all over Brisbane and the significant number of places I’ve just never made it to (living at Paddington just a short walk from the amazingness that is Anouk makes a girl lazy).  

I realised that although my love for Kettle and Tin’s corn beef hashcakes is deep and the nights I’ve spent with Black Bear Lodge will never be forgotten…as a young woman I really should be playing the field more. Call me hussy if you will but I’m going to get all over town and have a bloody good time doing it.

In the month of January alone I’ve already knocked off 8 places on my ‘to-do’list (yes 8!) and I have another 2 lined up for the next week which makes me well ahead of schedule. I’m going to blog about everywhere I visit from now on and I’d encourage you to let me know your favourite cafes or bars that might not be on my list (see the list below) and deserve a visit.

I’m sure many of you are regulars at some of the places listed and will be shocked that I’ve not yet walked through their doors but like I said, living within walking distance to some of Brisbane’s best food makes you lazy.
So I’m going to continuing my resolu-fun this weekend and will be venturing out ACROSS THE RIVER to breakfast at Sourcer Grocer with my partner in blogcrime Ina…and you know I might pop into Sixes and Sevens one night at New Farm even though I’ve already crossed it off the list…I’m kind of crazy  like that.

We’ll let you know how we get along with the hipster crowd and amazing beverages…

What do you think of the Resolu-fun and how are your regular News year’s resolutions going? Are you going to make a resolu-fun for yourself? I’d love to hear your resolu-funs for 2013 so don’t be shy now!

No. Name Visited
1 Alchemy
2 Aria
3 Bitter Suite
4 Botanica - Cross it off the list!
5 Brunswick Social
6 Bunker
7 Champ Bar and Kitchen
8 Chouquette
9 Cove
10 Dandelion and Driftwood
11 Fourth Wall - Cross it off the list!
12 Foxy Bean
13 Green Beacon Brewhouse
14 Hampton's Home Living
15 Harajuka Gyoza
16 Iceworks
17 InCider Trading
18 Jazzcat
19 Jude
20 Kerbside - Cross it off the list!
21 Lady Marmalade
22 Moda  - Cross it off the list!
23 Mr and Mrs G - Cross it off the list!
24 Next Door Kitchen and Bar
25 Oh Hello
26 Ole
27 O'lea
28 Ortiga
29 Pintxo Spanish Taperia
30 Pony - Cross it off the list!
31 River Bar and Kitchen
32 Saabi  - Cross it off the list!
33 Scratch Bar
34 Sixes and Sevens - Cross it off the list!
35 Sky Room
36 Sourced Grocer
37 Sparrow and Finch
38 Stokehouse
39 Super Whatnot
40 The Burrow
41 The End
42 The Hideaway
43 The Little Panda Bar and Kitchen
44 The Loft
45 The Survey Co
46 The Walrus Club
47 Tiplers Tap
48 Two Trees
49 Vinyl
50 Willow and Spoon
51  ???
52  ???
53  ???
54  ???
55  ???
56  ???
57  ???
58  ???
59  ???
60  ???

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I’m leaving 10 spots free on the list (to make it 60 new places) for digs that open up throughout the year.

xx K

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  1. You haven't been to Chouquette? Ok, we will need to have breakfast there sometime soon :p.